Purpose of using wedding rings and bands

Purpose of using wedding rings and bands

Wedding bands and engagement rings differ not only in visual appearance but also in symbolic meaning. An engagement ring is given during the proposal as a sign of commitment, while a wedding band represents the day of matrimony.

Wedding rings usually feature a center stone and are often accompanied by side stones or accent stones. This results in an eye-catching design that commonly steals the show in a wedding set. Alternatively, a wedding band tends to be much more modest in design. Classic styles tend to match the engagement ring’s accent stones and metal type as to not overpower the overall sparkle. Although, some women who want to enhance the dazzle of their ring set opt for a more striking style, like an eternity band. This style of band features an abundance of accent stones that may or may not match the design of the engagement ring.

A wedding set is created by pairing both an engagement ring and a wedding band together. While engagement rings are seen as the flashier ring in a wedding set, it doesn’t mean it’s more important. Both rings are just as important when creating a complete wedding set and should be selected carefully based on style and budget. When we finally find the perfect match, it will be just as rewarding as it is dazzling.

Each style serves a different purpose, whether that is to match our engagement ring and create a perfect wedding set or create a unique ring stack to wear on our right hand. Each bride will prefer something different, which will depend on the fashion trends they follow and admire.

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