What is the purpose of wearing wedding rings / bands

What is the purpose of wearing wedding rings / bands

Now, depending on which part of the world we are in, we may hear the usage of one term more often than the other. The problem here is that many people use the terms wedding bands and “engagement rings” interchangeably. However, an engagement ring and a wedding ring isn’t the same thing.

Timing – The engagement ring is presented to a woman during a proposal. On the other hand, the wedding rings are exchanged between partners during the marriage ceremony and are worn starting from that time.

Design – Engagements rings tend to be more extravagant and usually have a center stone made of diamond. In contrast, wedding rings tend to be plain looking and have simple designs.

To sum things up, the engagement ring is worn by our fiancée after a successful proposal. The engagement ring symbolizes a pledge of love and tells other people that a woman is no longer available.

The wedding rings are worn by both spouses after exchanging vows during the marriage ceremony. The rings are worn on the 4th finger of the left hand and it represents the commitment, love and faithfulness of our spouse to us.

In general, it is recommended buy matching ring sets so that both rings will display a consistent appearance. On top of that, another benefit of buying a matching ring set is that it prevents skin nipping problems which occur with poorly matched rings.

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