About Us

Starting from a product design adventure, Buccellasi begins as a niche family interest in accessories designs and collections.

Buccellasi aspires to create daily accessories that can help each person actualize their life in very special ways. All our accessories were designed with people in mind and hearts. We think of every angle to suits each of your needs.
Our primary focus is to create handmade jewelry using clean lines, simplistic forms and colors to achieve a contemporary style.

We specialize in creating unique contemporary Tungsten rings that reflect elegant and classy style. All of our rings are of high quality, comfortable, colorful and creative.
Our rings are made out of material called Tungsten Carbide. This modern metal compound is extremely durable (approximately 10 times harder than 18k gold and 4 times harder than titanium) and is able to be shaped, engraved and polished to a fine shine. Due to the hardness of the metal, Tungsten Carbide rings never lose their polish and will retain their original shape and new look-like appearance even after many years.

All of our rings are of high quality, comfortable, colorful and creative.
Assuring a highest quality and cheapest rates possible, our Tungsten rings would make you receive many compliments!
  • Affordability balance with durability
  • Innovative balance with style
  • Trends balance with sentimental memories

Proudly, our collections allow everyone to privately carry meaningful characters and messages in their looks when donning our lovely accessories.

Standout! Don't follow the crowd

With over 10 years of experience and with over 20,000+ happy customers, we are experienced in this field and are here to serve you.

Buccellasi-Rings is a brand name owned by Buccellasi LLC, registered in Florida, U.S.A. - Document/Registration# L21000153513.
Any queries may be sent to contact@buccellasi-rings.com, alternatively use the Contact Us page.

Florida, U.S.A.